Jennifer Love Hewitt Picture Gallery

One of my all time favorite hot celebs has to be Jennifer Love Hewitt. I can’t say that she’s ever been in a television show or movie really worth watching, but at the same time she manages to elevate her work just by the fact that she’s so damn hot. PopCrunch has collected some of the hottest and most notable Jennifer Love Hewitt pictures in one place here in our gallery, so enjoy the photos.


Here’s a photo of Jennifer Love bursting out of her top, a common problem for her as you’ll see in this gallery.


Hewitt looking ridiculously young.


JLH in a white top.


It’s kind of funny to think back to Jennifer Love Hewitt’s pop star beginnings.


How many people even remember she was a singer back in the day at this point?


The legendary Jennifer Love Hewitt cleavage.


Jennifer recently had some controversy when some photos surfaced of her looking a few pounds heavier than usual. She kind of flipped out, defending herself and all women saying “To all girls with butts, boobs, hips and a waist, put on a bikini—put it on and stay strong.”


A side view shows that she wasn’t even that out of shape, it all just seems to go to her ass when she puts on a few pounds. And her boobs. There are worse places certainly.


And the contrast, Jennifer Love Hewitt at her fittest.


A photo of Jennifer Love Hewitt at the Golden Globes … showing off her golden globes. I’m sure I’m the first person to make that joke, right?


Jennifer Love Hewitt doing some Ghost Whispering.


Bizarre hair is bizarre.


Jennifer Love Hewitt with a particularly pesky sheet.


Cute “Love” necklace. Love is certainly an unusual middle name, but at least it flows with the rest.


No dress can contain her.


And a good way to close things out, with the absolute hottest Jennifer Love Hewitt picture of all time. God bless whoever designed her dress that night.

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