Jennifer Lopez Talks Bisexuality, Fashion, & Gay Besties With The Advocate May 2010

Jennifer Lopez is busy promoting her latest romantic comedy — The Backup Plan — in which she stars as an eternally single woman who meets the man of her dreams on the same day she gets artifically-inseminated.

The promo tour has brought Jenn to the pages of the May issue of The Advocate, where the singer/actress/dancer chats at length about the new film, some of popular style choices, and sets the record “straight” on her sexuality.

(Thanks to Felice for the tip….)

Jennifer On Fashion: “I always wear something that I like, so whether or not other people like it isn’t that important to me. It’s always great when people say you look nice or you were one of the best dressed, but if you take that you have to also take it when they say, “Oh, we didn’t like that.” Either way, I liked it.”

Jennifer On Rumors That She Is Bisexual: “No, I am not bisexual….I’ve never kissed a girl.”

Jennifer’s Gay Best Friend: “Oh, God, I have so many, but my closest is my manager, Benny [Medina]. He’s the godfather to my child, so he’s become a part of my family. We understand each other, we love each other, we have a certain type of chemistry, we have similar work ethics, and we can talk about everything.”

Why Jennifer Enjoys Performing For Gay Men: “It’s the best audience ever. You guys enjoy the music, you get into it, and you’re not afraid to let go and express yourself. That’s what I want from an audience. I recently did a show where the crowd was just standing there, staring at me with their camera phones up, YouTubing me or whatever the heck they do now. I was like, ‘This is crazy! I need vibe!’ I’d so much rather have you guys jumping up and down, waving your arms in the air.”

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