Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Aniston Feud — “Aniston Stole My Idea!”

Battle of The Jens…..

An unlikely feud is brewing between Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston after the “Waiting For Tonight” star accused the former Friends star of stealing the plot idea for her upcoming film, Plan B.

After taking a break from her music and film career to focus on motherhood, Jennifer is making a comeback with in the film about a thirtysomething who is desperately trying to become pregnant. But according to Britain’s Daily Mail, the singer-actress is angry that Jennifer A. is set to star in a movie with an almost identical plot, called The Baster.

“The last thing J-Lo (Lopez) wants is to have Aniston overshadow her. There’s been some mud-slinging, with J-Lo claiming Jen (Aniston) took her idea.”

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