Jennifer Lopez: “Don’t Call My Casper Gay!”

Jennifer Lopez is reportedly taking legal action over reports that her backup dancer boyfriend was “caught in a gay sex club” and an exotic massage parlor on the eve her 43rd birthday.

Casper Smart had quite the eventful weekend, if two new tabloid reports are to be believed. One report even include photographs of Casper outside a XXX peep show in New York City last month.

In Touch Weekly alleges Casper visited an appointment-only exotic massage parlor, where he was serviced by a exotic masseuse named Bibi. The massage therapist decides the 25-year-old as:

“He is a nice man. He has strong muscles.”

As if matters could get any worse, Star magazine snoops sau Casper actually visited the gay peepshow located beneath the massage parlor.

A man familiar with the spot told the glossy:

“You go into the booths, then you get all kind of tapping on the wall and propositions. It’s like zombies.”

Casper’s reps (obviously) denied the claims, insisting he was in the neighborhood to get a tattoo on his fingers that spells out “Hard Love.” Jennifer and Casper are represented by high-powered attorneys, Shawn Holley and Howard Weitzman.

On Wednesday, the legal duo teamed up and sent letters to Star and In Touch, warning the offending publishers that the “reports” are “false, malicious and defamatory” and will cause “immense damage” to the pair’s careers and reputations.”

In their letters, both attorneys demanded the magazines print a full retraction, adding that Casper and Jennifer will “immediately file a lawsuit” if the magazines fail to do so:

“Casper is not gay. These comments are born from envy and jealousy.”

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