Jennifer Lopez Diva Demands Raise Eyebrows At World Music Awards

Breaking News: Jennifer Lopez is a diva!

Jenny From The Bronx can bark off bizarre orders with a sense of entitlement that would make Mariah Carey burst with pride. The aging diva agreed to perform at the World Music Awards in Monaco Tuesday, but not before laying down a list of ‘necessities’ — including a $5,000 set of diamond headphones, which she’ll likely use to block out the sound of reality.

“As well as a helicopter ‘on stand-by’, Jennifer insisted on a custom-fitted speed boat – complete with love seat, faux leather seats and a champagne fridge – oh, and a pair of $5,000 diamond-encrusted headphones to keep the noise of the boat’s motor down,” a baffled backstage squeal tattled to London’s The Mirror.

Lopez entertained the crowd with a selection of her hits after scooping the coveted Legend for Outstanding Contribution to the Arts accolade. On arrival, Jen also demanded an on-call masseuse, a 12-man strong hair and makeup team, a hotel floor to herself and a stretch of private beach. But when asked if she needed a private butler, Jen turned down the offer, insisting she was more than capable of doing things for herself.

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Could have fooled us!