Jennifer Lopez And Casper Smart Never Broke Up


Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart have never broken up in the first place! What?!? Shocking, I know.

In June 2014, the duo announced that they’d gone their separate ways, but said that they remained close friends. Rumors surrounded them fighting for a few months leading up to their “breakup”. Mid-June, rumors surfaced that he was suing the singer because she had him used to her lavish lifestyle. Newsflash, it was all made up tabloid BS generated in order to sell magazine subscriptions.

They were busted out in the open when they were seen kissing recently. TMZ reports that there was never a reconciliation between the two because there was never a breakup in the first place.

Sources close to the situation say that their June fake breakup was merely a business decision. In the spring, they did go their separate ways for a few weeks, but their breakup was short-lived. Still, Jennifer Lopez was busy promoting her new movie Boy Next Door and the producers of the flick thought she could promote it better if the gossip websites ran with the story of her hooking up with her co-star Ryan Guzman. She had to appear attainable and they just let the tabloids run with their stories as it created the much needed buzz for the movie.

Casper Smart was also a party to the nonsense because he was in the middle of shooting a UFC fighter movie called Street. He also had to appear single so that he could promote the movie.

It’s insane that some celebrities would lie in order to get people to their movies. If their movies were that great in the first place, they wouldn’t have to pull these types of stunts in order to fill seats in the theaters.

TELL US: Are you surprised these two are still together? Do you think they will get married?

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