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Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Her Most Humiliating Moments on ‘Jimmy Fallon’


17-jennifer-lawrence-1.w750.h560.2xIf you know anything about Jennifer Lawrence, you probably know about her unfortunate habit of tripping and falling on red carpets everywhere. She famously face-planted when climbing the stairs to receive her Oscar in 2013, and her clumsiness has not abated since.

J. Law’s frequent falls have endeared her to many, but others think that at this point, she’s just doing it on purpose. How can someone of her experience and status not know how to walk in heels? Apparently, this is a well-canvassed subject among Jen and her friends and co-stars, and she’s ready to set the record straight: she isn’t faking it, and she’s a hell of a lot more embarrassing than you even know.

On the press tour for the final film in the Hunger Games franchise, co-star Liam Hemsworth shared an anecdote about Lawrence tripping and falling twice on the same red carpet. He should know, because he was the one helping her up. Watch the video here: 
In the video, Hemsworth describes a moment on a red carpet on which he was supporting Jennifer Lawrence after her heel broke. But when he saw a friend greeting him, he promptly let go of her, and down she tumbled.

Lawrence described a similar incident on an unnamed talk show, when she had just finished making it clear backstage that she didn’t “want to talk about” the fact that she falls down so much, and didn’t want to be asked if it was all a “schtick.” She then walked onstage in front of a studio audience—and then promptly tripped and fell. She made the producers edit the trip out of the show.

On that same episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Lawrence makes very clear that her frequent falling-down episodes are definitely not performed, nor are they even remotely the most embarrassing things that have ever happened to her.

We’ll let her tell you about the time she didn’t realize she wasn’t talking to the ghost of Elizabeth Taylor:

So there you have it: Jennifer Lawrence, America’s Sweetheart, Oscar-winning actor, and truly “terrible at walking.”

Lisa Lo Paro
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