Jennifer Garner Sex Therapist


As Ben Affleck returns to the silver screen in the new thriller State of Play, rumors have emerged that the actor-activist’s wife of four years has begun seeing someone else.

And that “someone else” is none other than noted sex therapist Dr. Holly Hein.

Jennifer Garner –who gave birth to her second daughter with Ben earlier this year–has been spotted leaving the doc’s office several times in recent weeks, Star Magazine claims.

“Jennifer has had some ups and downs with Ben, and she likes to check in with Dr. Hein once in a while,” says a tipster. “Jennifer doesn’t want to lose him. She’s in this for the long haul.”

The pair discuss ways of keeping Ben and Jen’s romance alive, as well as tips Jen can use for “dealing with Ben’s need for attention.”

The insider added, “Ben’s great, but he can be very insecure. He likes Jen to play the devoted wife all the time.”

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