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Jennifer Carpenter is Pregnant and Engaged!


Jennifer Carpenter’s rep confirmed to E! News that the actress is not only pregnant but also engaged to Sett Avett….. Congratulations!!!

Jennifer Carpenter had us wondering about what is going on in her personal life. The actress for the series Dexter recently was spotted out and about in a pair of jeans and a mid- drift T-shirt, showing what some speculate to be a growing bump in her middle, This lead us to ask the obvious question; Is she pregnant?


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To further entice our curious minds while talking on the phone, Carpenter seemed to be wearing a shiny ring on that ‘oh so special finger.’
Carpenter and Avett have been a couple since 2013 after her divorce from her Dexter co-star Michael C. Hall The former married couple had recited their marriage vows on New Year’s Eve back, their divorce was finalized in December of 2011.

The actress and folk singer were spotted back in June having a bit of fun while shopping. The couple paused briefly to allow some pictures to be taken; meanwhile Avett took the opportunity to take some pics of his own of his girlfriend jumping up and down in front of a pink wall. The happy couple ended the impromptu photo shoot by walked away with their arms around each other.


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Although Carpenter is best known for playing Detective Deb Morgan on Showtime’s hit show, Carpenter was expected to return for ABC’s Sea of Fire which she had been cast in last year. The show centered on the fallout of three teen girls who star in a pornographic movie the result of which sends ripples through their families, resulting in a disappearance and murder in a small town. Carpenter would of once again played a detective who comes to town to investigate the disappearance. Unfortunately the series was never developed. .

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