Jennifer Aniston Wants U.S. Planes To Have Showers [WATCH]

Would you like to take a shower on-flight? If you answered yes to that question, you may want to spend an exorbitant amount of money to fly First Class on an Emirates flight. You may also be Jennifer Aniston.

In a new, tries-to-be-funny commercial spot for the airline, Jennifer Aniston appears in a bathrobe on an American plane, asking the flight attendants to be led to the showers. They tell her there are no showers, and she responds with confusion and anger, because she’s a millionaire. She also asks where the bar is, and the same situation repeats itself.

Then Jen wakes up in a cocoon of light, snuggled up in an airplane bed, a mini TV watching her — turns out it was only a horrible nightmare.

Isn’t this your traveling experience? No? Then you may want to fly Emirates.



The commercial is meant to advertise the luxury services available on Emirates flights that comparable American airlines simply don’t have: like showers, a bar, gourmet meals, and even a Private Suite. But the commercial, though entertaining enough with Jennifer Aniston, just calls attention to a service average Americans will likely never have, and probably don’t even want.

Flying has become more expensive than ever, and since more people are traveling via plane now than ever before, there’s no real need to offer luxurious amenities to entice customers, other than an extra three inches of legroom. On a lot of flights, they’re even charging hundreds of dollars for on-flight upgrades, like simply moving three rows ahead for a cool $200 extra or more.

Also, the Emirates luxury services advertised in the commercial aren’t offered to everyone; I could see the need to advertise them if they were, which would be awesome. Instead, the bar, the shower, and the aforementioned luxury suites and/or flat-bed seats are only available for Business and First Classes. Otherwise, you’re just another commoner in Coach (or “Economy Class”).

How much does it cost to fly Emirates with these upgrades? From Boston or Washington D.C. to the South Asian Subcontinent, flying Business Class will cost you at least $4,740. From Seattle it’s $5,415 and from Austin it’s a whopping $6,650. From Chicago to Africa it’s $7,040.

Are you ready to hear what First Class will cost? According to a 2012 review in The New York Times, it’s $19,130 between New York and Dubai.

Can’t we just shower before we leave the house?

Reportedly, Emirates spent millions of dollars to recruit Aniston to their cause: to tell Americans about the luxuries they’ve been missing for years, and probably will never be able to afford.

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