Jennifer Aniston Pregnant with Triplets (For SmartWater Ad)

Jennifer Aniston mocks all the best rumors that have been reported about her over the past two decades in a new viral ad for SmartWater — the bottled water brand the actress helped launch.

The spoof starts off with showman Ryan Seacrest breaking the news that Jen’s home security tapes have been leaked.

“EXCLUSIVE: ‘Stolen’ security camera footage from jennifer aniston’s house reveals that all the rumors — the babies, the work out routine, everything — are all as…ridiculous as you thought. come on people, it’s pure fiction (from smartwater®, the makers of real hydration),” the company writes in a note attached to the YouTube posting.

So what are some of the juicy details revealed? Forget Brangelina! When Jen raises her shirt, out pops a triplet-filled baby bump.

And that’s not all…Aniston’s brood also includes an adult son, played to hilarious perfection by late-night funnyguy Jimmy Kimmel.

“I wanna swim,” Jimmy whines.

Jen pleads:

“Honey, please be a good boy and go upstairs and take a nap. Please don’t cry and if you’re a good boy I’ll play hide and seek with you later!”

“You always make me hide. I think you’re ashamed of me!” Jimmy shoots back.

Jimmy and his miniature alien brother are quickly shooed inside by mom, who calls out:

“Honey, that is not true. But before anyone sees you would you get back inside and please take your little brother with you!”

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