Jennifer Aniston Cut Hair

So Long, Long Locks! The Beeb is just one of the big names in Hollywood reaching for a pair of scissors this week. Jennifer Aniston is saying goodbye to her sunkissed mane hot on the heels of Justin Bieber doing the unthinkable and chopping off his trendsetting shaggy ‘do! On Tuesday, the eternally-single actress showed up at a Madrid photocall for her new comedy Just Go With It sporting a sassy chin-length bob!

Rock It or Drop It?

Justin and Jen are even inspiring other celebs.

“In honor of Jennifer Aniston and @JustinBieber cutting their hair, I am going to wax my back,” actress Nia Vardalos Tweeted Tuesday.

Jennifer is credited for sparking a women’s hair trend that dominated the mid-’90s when she debuted “The Rachel” layered coif as a Friends castmate in 1994. The cut is the most popular in British history.
More than 10.6million women copied the style from the Friends character played by sexy Jennifer Aniston, 41. The star herself only recently confessed that she was no fan of uberly-popular style.

“Let’s just say there have been moments I’d rather not relive, like that whole Rachel thing,” Aniston told Allure in an interview for the mag’s Feb. issue. “I love Chris [McMillan, her hairstylist], and he’s the bane of my existence at the same time because he started that damn Rachel, which was not my best look. How do I say this? I think it was the ugliest haircut I’ve ever seen. What I really want to know is, how did that thing have legs?”

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