Jennifer Aniston Fragrance Flops

No one wants to smell like Jennifer Aniston.

You’d think America’s Sweetheart would be used to stinkers after her last few rom-coms went belly up at the box office, but Jen has been blown back to learn that she’ll need to do more than get naked if she hopes to follow the sweet-scented steps of celeb fragrances by high-profile perfumers like Britney Spears, Beyonce, and Katy Perry.

The odor of poor sales have trailed Aniston, 41, all the way to the perfume counter, with her self-titled fragrance bombing at department stores across the UK — this despite a much-lauded launch that kicked off with sizzling ad campaign of Jen in the nude, a fashion industry insider tells Now Magazine.

“Jen chose her perfume, but other than launching it at Harrods in London, she’s done no promotion. No one knew where to find it and now everyone’s lost interest,” says Now’s mole, who notes that its only a matter of time before Jen’s fragrance disappears all together.

“They’re bound to be disappointed. They can’t figure out why no one wants to smell like Jen. Marketing shows most people believe Jen smells “natural and clean”, which is the opposite of why you’d buy a perfume, so maybe that’s it.”

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