Jennifer Aniston Drunk-Dialing Brad & Angelina

This story is about as believable as this photoshopped pic, but here goes: Word is Jennifer Aniston recently had a war of words with Angelina Jolie after she drunk-dialed ex-husband Brad Pitt.

The Break-Up actress apparently got sentimental after getting sloshed and wanted to have an intimate chat with her one-time flame.
Angelina Jolie Jennifer Aniston Drunk Dialing Feud

“When Jen drinks she tends to get sentimental. She was feeling a little loose from the alcohol, so she called Brad’s cell, never imagining anyone but him would pick up. Jennifer was hoping for an intimate chat with Brad, and ended up tangling with Hurricane Angelina!” a tipster tattles in the Oct. 26 issue of The National Enquirer.

Instead, Angie picked up the call and gave Jen a piece of her mind. Oh snap!

“When Jen heard Angie’s voice, she freaked out,” the insider added. “Jen basically told Angie that she hated her, but Angelina fired back and warned Jen to stop calling Brad and harassing her,” the insider divulged. “Angie screamed, ‘Leave my family alone!'”

“Jen basically told Angie that she hated her, but Angelina fired back!”

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