Jennifer Aniston Dog Pampered On Set Of “The Baster”

jenniferanistondogJennifer Aniston’s dog has a director’s chair on the set of her new movie.

The cast and crew of Jennifer Aniston’s upcoming comedy The Baster have had it with the star — and her little dog, too! The 40-year-old actress is extraordinarily close to her pet corgi-terrier, Norman, age 13, and has bringing him to the New York City set of the movie for weeks. But her co-workers are crying foul after being constantly depended on to cater to the pampered pooch.

“Norman is important in Jennifer’s life, but the crew is fed up with having to dote on him,” a set spy spills in the June 1 issue of The National Enquirer. “Jennifer needs him around all the time and she won’t stand for him being chained up. So the dog has his own chair near the director, and Jennifer also has a doggy masseuse tend to Norman every day.”

Not only does Norman have his own director’s chair on set, but Jennifer sees to it that her baby is walked three times a day and given meals from the actors’ catering van.

“She even insists that Norman eat with the crew and that he’s fed organic, human-grade food,” the Enquirer spy added. “So Jennifer’s assistant has special plates made up by the caterer with free-range white meat chicken and organic rice. Norman eats healthier and better than most humans.”

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