Jennifer Aniston $20,000 Per Month Beauty Treatments

Jennifer Aniston is still dropping dough in hopes of keeping notorious ladies man John Mayer between her sheets. The thirty-nine year old actress, who is rumored to have dropped $80,000 on grand piano for John last month, handing over fistfuls of cash for “monthly beauty treatments,” the National Enquirer reports.

“Jen is doing whatever it takes to hold back time – short of plastic surgery,” a friend told The ENQUIRER.

A monthly regimen of yoga with fitness top gun Mandy Ingber, personal training sessions, a private chef for organic, high-protein, low-fat meals, and skin treatments is reportedly costing the former Friends star $20,000 a month.

“Jen is insecure about her legs, so she goes for anti-cellulite spa sculpting treatments twice a month..They cost $1,000 a session, but Jen swears that the sculpting keeps her skin supple and smooth. She calls the treatments ‘necessary tune-ups.”

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