“Jennie Garth ‘90210’ Reunion Not Awkward,” Shannen Doherty Says

Last week, 90210 comeback kid coolly Jennie Garth described her reunion with on-screen bestie, off-screen nemesis Shannen Doherty as “not as bad as I thought.” So what’s Shannen’s take on Kelly and Brenda’s return to Television’s Favorite Zip Code by way of a new CW spinoff?

“There was almost a comfort in knowing that I was getting to work with somebody who had been on the original with me and gone through the same experiences,” Shannen, 37, says in the new issue of Radar Magazine. “Like, ‘Okay we’ve been through the war together already.’ I never even gave any thought to it being awkward. I know how much I’ve grown up since then. I would assume that she’s grown up the same amount.”

Shannen says 36-year-old Jennie’s tenure on Dancing with the Stars was a big topic of conversation after not speaking for fourteen years.

“I love that show,” Doherty told Radar. “I wouldn’t be on it in a million years, but I wanted to see if she had fun doing it. I had so many questions about her kids and her husband too,” Doherty added, “but mostly Dancing With the Stars.”

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