Jay Z Beyonce “Run” Mini-Movie Slammed by Anti-Gun Advocates

Jay Z and Beyonce go total Bonnie and Clyde in their new mini-movie, Run. It would appear, however, that the power couple’s ploy to get the world to stop talking about Jay Z’s infamous beatdown at the hands of Beyonce’s kid sister, Solange, has backfired.

And you’re about to learn why the expression “backfired” might be considered a pun.

Featuring more Hollywood stars than a cinematic blockbuster, the mock movie trailer ws releasd to promote Jay and Bey’s upcoming On the Run summer tour. But it’ll take more than a Bey shooting guys in a pair of sexy suspenders to quiet the criticism of gun control proponents.

“Run” has sparked some mayjah backlash on social media, with fans accusing Beyonce of being “totally talentless” and “glorifying the use of guns to make a few bucks.”


“Remember when Beyonce made a difference because she had a killer voice?” one fan tweeted. “Now she’s just totally talentless like the rest of them.”

Another fan chimed in with: “Jay and Beyonce used to be cool… now they’re shooting bad guys to make a few bucks,” with other’s suggesting that the use of guns was ok “if Beyonce said so.”

Sarah J Symonds wrote: “@etnow @Beyonce The trailer is horrific. Does nothing but glorify gun violence. We are all sad that Beyonce is part of this trailer.”

Beysus Godga tweeted: “Y’all remember when Beyonce was part of that whole ban gun violence thing? Yeah, well…”

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