Jay Leno White House Correspondents Dinner 2010

The White House still loves Leno!

Jay Leno will be the featured comedian serving up one-liners at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner in Washington May 1.

The White House Correspondents Association made the decision to invite Leno to the annual event was made long before TV’s Biggest Chin found himself at the center of a late night shuffle that ended Conan O’Brien’s nearly 17 year partnership with NBC, The Washington Post noted Friday. Leno headlined the dinner in 1987, 2000, and 2004 — and everyone is eager to see how Leno will be received when he takes the podium at the coveted event for a fourth time this spring. The Post writes:

To be clear, the association asked Leno weeks ago — when he was simply the host of a prime time show that was failing five nights a week. But when he appears at the annual Washington bash — which over the past few years has become a Hollywood petting zoo — Leno will be the guy who pushed aside Conan O’Brien to become the newly returned host of NBC’s “Tonight” show. He has also been the butt of pretty much every other late-night talk-show host’s jokes for the past couple of weeks.

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