Jason Derulo Slams BET Awards; Claims Network Snubbed Him

Jason Derulo has a certified summer smash on his hands, thanks to the Snoop Dogg-assisted single “Wiggle.” For all his success, the popular crooner says he’s just not feeling the love from urban music listeners.

Derulo is particularly offended by his treatment from Black Entertainment Television (perhaps best known as BET). The network has long been a hub for entertainment programming centered around the African-American experience.

The “Talk Dirty” singer (who, in case you missed it, is Black) says he was, well, hurt when he failed to notch a single nomination at last month’s annual BET Awards. While it could be argued that Derulo’s body of work is rooted more in pop than the hip-hop and R&B often celebrated on awards night, Jason says he’s about thisclose to never doing business with the network again.

“When you see all these other shows, the VMAs, the AMAs, and you see what happens on those shows? For that world to still be behind, I don’t understand it and I’m almost done with it, man, to be honest with you. I’m not gonna continue to extend myself, if they’re not gonna extend back. I love BET, I mean, I grew up watching it. But I’m gonna do what I do.”

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