Janet Jackson Tell-All Book

Janet Jackson is writing an explosive tell-all book about her world-famous family following the recent death of her older brother Michael.


“She is going to talk about Michael’s death and how it’s affected her and his children and the rest of the family,” a publishing industry insider close to Janet’s book deal reveals in the Aug. 31 issue of In Touch Weekly.

The 43-year-old R&B icon had originally planned to write about her lifelong weight struggles, but she decided to switch focus and begin working on her memoir after Michael’s death in June.

“A lot of it will focus on her battle with self-esteem and weight,” a friend says. “She’s a huge success, but that’s not always what she has seen when she looks in the mirror, so the book will talk about how she has coped, and about her family relationships. She wants to help other young women out there.”

Janet’s book is expected on shelves early next year, just in time for the release of her new studio album.

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