Could Jane The Virgin Be Our Next Superhero?

Gina Rodriguez Super Hero
Gina Rodriguez is yet another actress who is wanting to show off her super hero skills on the big screen. “I would love to be a superhero—that’s all I want to do is play a superhero,”  the star of Jane the Virgin  told E! News. “And let’s be real, I could kick some ass. We all know I could kick some ass.”

Earlier this year it was reported that Jennifer Lopez was game for some superhero screen time of her own. While promoting her movie The Boy Next Door,  Lopez responded to the question about possibly playing a super hero role, “That would be awesome. I don’t know why somebody hasn’t thought about that yet.”

Last October, Marvel announced that female superhero Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) will be receiving her own movie in 2018. Casting of this female superhero role has not yet been announced.

Suggested top fan favorites to star in the Marvel feature includes Annasophia Robb, who appeared in the movie Soul Surfer and Vampire Diaries star Candice Accola, along with Jennifer Lawrence, Natalie Dormer and Amber Heard.

Whether or not Rodriquez lands herself a Superhero role, she says receiving the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy Series has opened more doors for her.

“The opportunities become more abundant. People have been so wonderful,” she happily  said. “The opportunities for Jane the Virgin have become more abundant. We’re now in 32 different markets in over 28 countries. People are picking up on the show who didn’t know about it before. It’s very exciting.”

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