New Jane Fonda Workout DVDs Target Health-Conscious Seniors

Nearly thirty years after a collection of workout DVDs made a leotard and leg warmers-clad Jane Fonda the Fitness Queen of the ’80s, the screen star is releasing two new exercise videos aimed at senior citizens.

Both videos — Walk Out and Fit and Strong — go on sale in November and promise to help people of advanced age lose weight and build strength through low impact exercise. The fitness DVDs will be Fonda’s first workout vids since 1995.

After she fractured her foot while filming the 1979 movie The China Syndrome, she was no longer able to dance. Instead, she began aerobic workouts and strengthening exercises. Those sessions became the basis for second career — as a health nut! Her first video, 1982’s Jane Fonda’s Workout, sold 17 million copies world wide – more than any other home video.

“I’m very excited to be back in the fitness business. I know from experience and from my research how critical it is for seniors to be physically active. Even if they’ve never exercised in their lives, now is the time and my programs are a good, safe way to do it,” says Fonda, now 72. “If I don’t stay active my body stops functioning. I’m careful about how I eat. I stay active. I walk a lot. I have good genes – and money,” she said.

Fonda is also writing a book on aging.

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