Jamie Spears Disapproves Jamie Lynn Spears Wedding

Jamie Lynn Spears, who celebrates her seventeenth birthday today, won’t be having that Kentucky Fried Chicken-catered $500 “dream” wedding anytime in the next decade if her father Jamie has anything to say about it. New tabloid reports claim the Spears family patriarch has forbid his pregnant teen daughter from wedding young construction worker Casey Aldridge.

“Neither Jamie nor Lynne is taking this relationship too seriously,” a Spears family mole spilled to Life & Style. “There won’t be a wedding as long as Jamie’s in charge.”

Jamie particularly upset by his baby girl’s upcoming nuptials: “He’s having a hard time pretending he can be happy about it all…Jamie isn’t about to give his permission anytime soon.”
Lynne Spears is “workable,” L&S’s snitch says: “She can be a real pushover when it comes to her kids. Jamie Lynn could probably persuade her mom to back her up.”

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