Jamie Lynn Spears Running Away From Lynne Spears : Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears Moving To Los Angeles With Dad Jamie Spears

We can always depend on The National Enquirer to keep things interesting. Last week, the tabloid had Jamie Lynn Spears ready to pawn her unborn baby off on Mama Spears the moment the child exited her womb. The Enquirer now claims the teen mom is preparing to run away from the Kentwood, Louisiana home she shares with her mother Lynne in order to marry baby daddy Casey Aldridge in a secret Los Angeles ceremony. Jamie Lynn is planning to secretly wed Casey shortly after her seventeenth birthday on April 4th. “Jamie Lynn loves Casey and wants to marry him, but her mom is dead-set against it.” Jamie Lynn is determined to marry Casey and return to the world of acting-all while with her little tyke in tow.

“Jamie Lynn is moving to Los Angeles to live with her dad,” an Enquirer gossip gushes. “She wants to be settled in before the baby is born in March or early April-and she wants to be closer to film projects she’d like to start after giving birth.”

“Jamie Lynn knows that once she’s out from under her mom’s thumb in Kentwood, she and Casey will be together.”

Apparently, it is Lynne Spears’ new no nonsense approach to dealing with the teen lovers that has Jamie Lynn’s maternity dress in a bunch. The Spears family matriarch has implemented a new set of rules that only allows Casey to visit Jamie Lynn twice a week, and the eighteen year old construction worker is no longer allowed to spend the night. (As if he should have been spending the night with a sixteen year old to begin with.)

In a bid to secure acting gigs, Jamie Lynn has been reaching out to her “industry contacts” and letting them know that she’s ready to get back to work.

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