Jamie Foxx Miley Cyrus Tirade (AUDIO)



Jamie Foxx slammed Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus on his radio show,The Foxxhole, Monday after a caller complained about the tween queen’s recent remarks suggesting that she would “ruin” Radiohead after being snubbed by the band at the 2009 Grammy Awards.

If he thinks that’s bad, he should hear her thoughts on Alice In Wonderland.

The Oscar-winning Ray actor suggested Miley smoke crack and go make a sex tape.

“Who is Miley Cyrus, the one with all the gums? She’s got to get a gum transplant. Let me get an order of mouth, light on teeth, heavy on the gums,” Jamie quipped. “She’s going to ruin Radiohead’s career? The same Radiohead that gets paid a million dollars just to sample their songs? That Radiohead?”

He added: “Make a sex tape and grow up. Get like Britney Spears and do some heroin.”

“Do like Lindsay Lohan and start being a lesbian and get some crack in your pipe. Catch chlamydia on a bicycle seat. That’s what I want,” Jamie joked.


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