Jamie Foxx Nude

Jamie Foxx, the actor, comedian, and singer who won an Oscar for his portrayal of music legend Ray Charles in 2004, is the latest in a string of recent celebrities, like Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens and Cassie, to allegedly have naked cellphone pics leak to the interwebs.

After the jump, you will find an extremely NSFW image of what urban tabloid MediaTakeOut.com claims is Jamie Foxx naked.

[Sorry, image removed at the request of Jamie Foxx’s lawyers]

Jamie has a 15-year-old daughter named Corinne. Just this week, his old co-star on The Jamie Foxx Show, Garcelle Beavouis-Nilon, revealed that the star recently welcomed a second child with a secret girlfriend.

Snapping flicks of yourself bucket naked in a bathroom mirror isn’t a great idea when you’re a Disney teen star, and its an even worse move when you’re a father of two in your 40s. A word of advice to the nude photo-lovin’ sect: if you are going to get your jollies in the john, at least tidy up a bit first. No one wants to see your pubes and an unkempt bathroom.

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