Jamie Foxx: “If Asked, I’d Do ‘American Idol'”

Jamie Foxx is sounding off on rumors that he is in the running to take over Simon Cowell’s place on the judging panel of American Idol.

The 42-year-old Oscar winner — who appears in Garry Marshall’s new romantic comedy Valentine’s Day — says he’d be delighted to join the team of television’s most watched program, but notes that he hasn’t been approached by Idol producers.

Jamie tells Parade.com: “Everybody keeps asking me. Of course I would take over for Mr. Cowell. If they officially ask, I’m there. I’m just waiting. I just think it’s amazing that on American Idol those guys like Simon and my man, Randy, make so much dough from watching people that are talented. That’s amazing to me and I could sit there and listen just like they do.”

Jamie is just one of a series of stars reportedly in the running to step into Simon’s shoes when the acid-tongued Brit leaves Idol this May to develop an American adaptation of his UK talent show, The X Factor. Other celebs linked to the show include Madonna, Tommy Mottola, and Conan O’Brien.

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