James Holmes makes first court appearance in ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Shooting Rampage

The alleged gunman in last week’s shooting rampage, James Holmes, made his first appearance in court today.

Under Colorado law, a suspect is presented in court as a determination is made by a judge, if there is sufficient evidence and reasons to hold an individual, until formal charges are pressed. Prosecutors will continue to work this case and will place all formal charges against James Holmes, next Monday, July 30th.

Holmes, who has been rumored to have been placed in solitary, while being held, appeared in court with his shades of red hair. Holmes allegedly referred to himself as “The Joker” during the shooting rampage on Friday morning. Holmes, 24, sat and looked dazed, closing his eyes, appearing to even nod off during this mornings proceedings.

Do you think Colorado prosecutors will go after the death-penalty in this case?

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