Why Did James Franco Instagram a “Nude” Selfie?

Instagram put Rihanna on the hot seat this week after the striking songstress posted what the photo-sharing website called “topless images” to her official page. Not to be outdone, another celebrity is now pushing the boundaries of decency on social media.

So much for setting a positive example for America’s youth!

This time, the A-list offender is none other than bizarro actor James Franco. The Freaks and Geeks star posted (then quickly deleted) a snapshot of himself in tightey-whiteys (or just really tiny boxers) with a hand drifting ever so slowly down to his…Well, we don’t need to draw you a picture, do we?

A second odd selfie featured a bare-chested James staring seductively into a camera with his arm cradling his head. It would seem the 36-year-old Franco is still learning “what not to do when trying to recover from a mini-scandal.” After all, it was just last month that Goss Gawkers were giving James the side-eye for inviting a 17-year-old high schooler to his New York City hotel room.

We’re sure all he wanted to do was talk. (Insert rolling eyes here…)

Anyone wanna volunteer to wrestle James’ phone away?

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