Jake Pavelka Kate Gosselin, A Future Item?

Now that The Bachelor’s Jake Pavelka and fiancee Vienna Girardi have called it quits after seven months of famewhoring and four months without nookie, Word on the Curb has that Jake may be cozying up to America’s Most Famous Mama of Multiples — Kate Gosselin.

Jake’s been smitten with the TLC reality star since the pair competed against one another on the 10th season of Dancing With The Stars last spring, FOX News insiders spill.

A tipster squeals: “During DWTS, Vienna and Jake were having some problems already and Jake would gush about Kate! He really liked her, respected her and looked up to her. Jake was always talking about Kate and the two of them had super friendly chemistry on set. Jake was adorable with Kate. He hugged her and chatted with her when they had down time. He would tell people what a great mom she was and how hard-working she was for her kids….”

And if the pilot should call Kate in an hour of loneliness, there are no guarantees that the single mom won’t jump at the opportunity. In April, tabloid rumors surfaced claiming that Kate had fallen head over heels for Pavelka.

“Kate is totally unfazed by the fact that Jake is engaged, and she’s making it clear that they could have a future…Kate’s never looked better, so she feels she could snare a hot guy like Jake. She all believes all’s fair in love and war. Since Jake isn’t married yet, she thinks he’s fair game,” a Gosselin pal told The National Enquirer.

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