Jake Gyllenhaal Anne Hathaway Nude On Cover Of Entertainment Weekly

OK you two, you’ve got our attention. Way to let us all know you’re getting naked in a movie together!

Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway posed nude for the cover of this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, and as their lack of clothing would suggest, their new movie Love & Other Drugs has a lot of nude scenes.

Jake plays a cocky pharmaceutical salesman who falls for Anne’s emotionally guarded character, who suffers from Parkinson’s.

After playing spouses in the homo-erotic drama Brokeback Mountain, the pair reunites in this hot new rom-com. Having worked together previously made it easier for the twosome to get romantic so quickly in their new flick. Anne admits that although she “totally fell apart” the first time she had to get her clothes off in front of Jake and the camera crew, pretty soon she got the hang of it. So much so that she even got naked once when she didn’t have to!

“On the day I shot the scene where I have to remove my trench coat and be nude underneath I thought we were filming, but it turned out we were just rehearsing and I got unnecessarily naked in front of a lot of people, but hey, I just did my job,” Hathaway, 28, joked.

“Jake and I were in this amazing take, and he turned and caught the sheet and pulled it off me,” she says. “And I wasn’t going to yell ‘Cut.’ I just thought, ‘Go with it, Hathaway. If it was theatre, you would go with it.’ And I did. And of course that is the take that is in the movie.”

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