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Nothing brings that warm, holiday glow more than another installment of the Michael Jackson drama.

On this week’s episode, Mike on the verge of losing his Neverland ranch and his 50% share of the Beatles song catalog. In true form, Mike’s wacky couch surfing friends – ‘the lawyers’ – come to his rescue. They assure the press that an extension of some sort will be filed, giving our little Mikey a chance to make good on the big-ol’ $200 million loan he used to purchase the catalog.

I haven’t seen the ending of this one, but I expect it resolves itself finally when Mike sells 27 of his marble urns, a life-sized Jolly Green Giant and a small hispanic boy.

When I heard the news, I pictured Paul McCartney jumping up and down like al little demon, rejoicing that that little ‘Hard Days Night’-stealing mo-fo was finally getting what he deserved. Me, I don’t take sides… but like many people, I sit back with a bag of popcorn during a train wreck.

Check out the Reuters story here.

See creepy Michael Jackson photos here.


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