J-Woww Naked — “Jersey Shore” Jenni Farley Nude Photos For Sale

Someone down at the Jersey Shore is about to get more than she bargained for. MTV reality personality Jenni “J-Woww” Farley better get ready for a humiliating lesson in keeping her top down and her panties on, if a new scoop from the celebrity snitches at RadarOnline.com is to be believed. We hear there are several scandalous snapshots of the liquor-guzzling guidette being shopped to various media outlets.

According to a tipster, one photo features a topless Jenni from the waist up and topless. A second flick shows the star’s bare bottom. Finally, there’s one shot which features a completely nude Jenni showing off her “Woww Factor.”

The images were shot by Jen herself and could have been taken for a former boyfriend. The lighting in the photos is said to be dark, with Farley posing in front of a brown background. The aspiring designer announced the debut of her new blouse collection last week.

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