J.R. Smith Excited To Return To Cavaliers’ Lineup After Suspension, Iman Shumpert Might Not Play

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

J.R. Smith was forced to sit out for the first two games of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ match-up with the Bulls and there is no doubt that he will be excited to take the floor for game 3.

Smith was suspended for 2 games for his aggressive hit on Jae Crowder during game 4 in their first-round sweep of the Boston Celtics. While it didn’t hurt them too much in the first two games against Chicago, they were lucky that those games were at home, and welcoming him back to the lineup should make things even better for the Cavs.

However, when one player returns, another may be out, as Iman Shumpert was injured during game 2 and might not be able to play during game 3. Shumpert had been a surprise star in the first two games but remains a game-time decision after straining his left groin in the third quarter of Game 2.

J.R. Smith is a veteran in the league and while he can be aggressive sometimes, he is a strong force on the court and without Kevin Love already out due to injury, his presence will be welcome when he returns tonight.

Speaking on what it was like to watch the games from home, Smith said, “Watching the games at home, knowing the camaraderie we have before and after games and not being on the floor, it was by far the lowest point. I felt I let the team down. We were already short-handed with Kevin [Love] out. To miss two games where I could’ve helped, it was tough.”

The series is currently tied at 1-1 and Smith made sure to get to the United Center early this morning in order to get in some extra shooting drills with Lebron James in. The Bulls will begin hosting the Cavs on their home court starting Friday night at 8 p.m. ET.

J.R. Smith has been an important part of the Cavaliers since they acquired him from the New York Knicks in January and he said that there is no better feeling than returning to the court.

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