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It Started Raining Earthworms In Norway Last Week


Raining Earthworms

The saying “it’s raining cats and dogs” sounds like something out of a bad made-for-SyFy series, but in Norway hundreds of slimy creatures actually fell out of the sky. Instead of cats and dogs, it started raining earthworms.

A bystander told UPI:

“When I found them on the snow they seemed to be dead, but when I put them in my hand I found that they were alive,” he said. “In many places, the snow thickness was between half a meter and a meter (1 1/2 feet to 3 feet) and I think they would have problems crawling through the cold snow.”

That witness took the earth worm samples to Trond Haraldsen, an environmental expert at the Bioforsk research institute in Norway. Haraldsen told Bergens Tidende, “This is a phenomenon we know from the literature, but it is the first time in my time as a scientist that I have got the message that it has happened on the snow.”

Researchers are still scratching their heads over the fact that it literally rained Earth worms in Norway.

James Vanderhoff
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