Is Rihanna Obsessed with Chris Brown? “If He Ever Leaves Her, Someone Will Have to Die”

Rihanna Chris Brown PDA

Chris Brown and Rihanna spent Christmas Day snuggled up, courtside, at a Lakers games. But the superstar singer’s alleged obsession with her on-again/off-again boyfriend has tabloid snoops drawing comparisons between the Barbadian beauty and Glenn Close’s lovesick stalker in the ’80s cinema hit Fatal Attraction.

Rihanna hopes to wed Chris — yep, the same guy who famously beat the snot out of her four years ago — but pals say her jealous streak is threatening to drive the crooner away. If New Weekly squeals are to be believed, the Battleship star demands Brown check in with her with hourly phone calls. And to make her transformation into Melrose Place-esque superbitch complete, RiRi reportedly threatens Chris into staying faithful.

Works every time.

“She’s been telling him that if he ever leaves her, someone will have to die. Rihanna’s so happy now that they’re back together, but it’s a very unstable situation and deep down she knows that it may not last. She says she’s been through so much pain to get Chris back that his life won’t be worth living if he breaks her heart again.”

Here’s to hoping Breezy doesn’t own a pet rabbit.

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