Is Kristen Wiig Leaving “SNL”?

Uh-oh: The box office success of Bridesmaids could spell disaster for card-carrying Saturday Night Live fans. This could be Kristen Wiig’s last season as a regular on SNL.

Worst news of the day? Quick — someone start a “Keep KW on SNL” Facebook petiton, stat!

She pioneered knee-slapping SNL characters like Gilly and Penelope, but after leaving movie audiences in stitches in the gutsy girl comedy Bridesmaids, tipsters close to Wiig say the funnywoman is eyeing an exit from the sketch series. Why? To turn her focus to pursuing a career in film.

Of course.

And she may not be the only one.

Word is Jason Sudeikis is also considering retiring his Live alter egos at the end of the season.

Too soon to panic?

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