Is Billy Ray Cyrus Jealous Of Miley’s Success? “Hannah Montana” Threatening To Blow Whistle On “Hypocrite” Pop

When Stage Parents Attack: Remember all those public declarations and outbursts Billy Ray Cyrus has been making about the hellraising habits of his out-of-control daughter Miley (perhaps most notably that the success of Disney’s Hannah Montana destroyed his once wholesome clan)?

Well, a few Hollywood conspirarcy theorists suspect those rants have more to do with the country crooner’s “jealousy” over Miles’ success.

Billy Ray has been on a tell-all interview rampage lately, seeingly desperate to tell the world about how his life sucks because Miley got famous and his marriage broke up, but those close to the now-fractured family say Billy Ray did little to curb Miley’s wildchild ways when she was underage, even tipping off paps about her whereabouts to ensure she got photographed as much as possible. Not to mention he earned $15,000 a week playing her dad on the hit show.

“Billy Ray made millions off Miley and Hannah Montana. If it weren’t for her, he’d still be living off ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ money. He’s just jealous of Miley’s success!” says an insider. “He pushed Miley to do Hannah Montana and he was more of a friend to her than a father. He always defended her wild antics in the press, but now that his cash cow is gone, he’s suddenly upset. If anyone is to blame for the mess Miley has become, it’s Billy Ray.”

Dad and Daughter, once inseparable, are “pretty much estranged,” sources say. The relationship reportedly soured further last week, when Miley discovered that Billy Ray planned to blab more stuff about her with the gals of The View. The teen starlet reportedly “went nuts” and forced him to pull out the appearance. Now Miley is considering upping the ante in the bitter war of words with her father:

“She has plenty of dirt on him and she’s prepared to spill. Billy Ray is no saint. Tish was always accusing him of cheating and Miley remembers those fights. He also told his daughter that he used to smoke pot in an effort to persuade her from doing drugs. Miley feels like her dad is acting like a total hypocrite.”

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