Is Angelina Jolie the Inspiration Behind Billy Bob’s Next Movie?

Angelina Jolie used to have sex with Billy Bob Thornton. There’s nothing we can say that will make that untrue.

And in Hollywood, there’s only one way to prove you’re not over your ex-wife: Make a movie based on your relationship with her. That’s exactly what Billy Bob intends to do with his upcoming road-trip film, And Then We Drove, according to the film’s financial backer, Alexander Rodnyansky.

Rodnyansky confirmed to Variety that the upcoming film, which will be co-written and directed by Thornton, is partly inspired by the Oscar-winning actor’s marriage to Brad Pitt’s baby mama.

“I found the story amazing. It’s a pretty new combination of genres to put into one movie,. It’s based on his personal experiences in many ways.”

Thornton told reporters at the Berlin Film Festival that he is not only still friends with his former blood-vile swapping wife but that he will “love her until the end of my life”

“Here’s the fact of the matter: any time you’re in a high-profile relationship, you know that that question is going to come up forever, and so if you want the honest-to-God truth, here’s the truth: Angelina’s a wonderful woman and one of my best friends in the world.”

He added:

“When people split up, people like to make up stories about how they are against each other. Well, this was never true, it never has been and never will be, and I’ll love her until the end of my life and she’ll love me — as friends.”

And what about Brad and the rest of the Jolie-Pitt brood?

“Brad is a friend of mine, he’s a great guy. I love them both, I love their children and they love mine.”

As for the Jolie-inspired film’s plot, Thornton describes it as “a guy who’s on a road trip and picks up this girl along the way, and what happens to them. It’s about the question of life: ‘What is this? Where do I fit in?'”

Yep, he’s totally over her.

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