Is Alex Rodriguez planning to return and retire?


Is embattled New York Yankee, Alex Rodriguez, planning to retire?

After being told earlier this week by Yankees general manager, Brian Cashman, to “shut the *uck up” about his return, A-rod isn’t having the best week. Rodriguez, who was once thought to be the best 3rd baseman in the history of baseball, is currently rehabing at the Yankees minor league facility in Tampa, Florida.

“It’s all about him getting his money and not losing it to suspension,” one source close to the situation told the Daily News. “He knows he’s never going to the Hall of Fame. All that’s left for him is to make sure he gets his money — all of it.”

The remaining balance of Alex’s contract from $114 Million the New York Yankees – do you think he will retire to ensure that he is paid the remaining balance on the contract? MLB is rumored to be preparing to hand down a season-long suspension to A-Rod.

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