Ireland Becomes First Country To Legalize Gay Marriage By Popular Vote


Ireland Gay Marriage Law Passed

The people of Ireland have spoken and a majority of them want gay marriage to be lawful. The country on Saturday became the first in the world to fully legalize gay marriage by way of a nationwide popular vote.

While 20 other nations have legalized gay marriage on a national level, the people of Ireland became the first to pass a similar law by taking to the polls with citizens choosing to allow the practice.

Approximately 60 percent of the population turned out to vote and ultimately legalize gay marriage.

Despite most of the country’s citizens supporting the Catholic church, a majority of voters chose to allow the passage of a gay marriage law. In several shows of support the very priests who work for the Catholic church went against the religious organization’s wishes and supported gay marriage rights.

It was only 22 years ago next month that Ireland had officially decriminalized homosexuality.

A new study has found that 62.3 percent of people voted to legalize gay marriage with 37.7 percent opposed.

Only one constituency in all of Ireland voted down the measure.

James Vanderhoff
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