iPad Glitch Causes Delays At American Airlines

iPad Glitch and American Airlines

American Airlines pilots use iPads in place of traditional flight guides. The iPads allow pilots to quickly access flight manuals and other important pieces of information. Unfortunately, a glitch with those iPads recently grounded flights from the carrier.

The glitch, which took place on Tuesday, was reported by several passengers who were waiting for their flights to arrive and depart.

The tablets provide navigation charts necessary for flying and a pilot for American Airlines reported last night that a system-wide outage was causing delays for the carrier’s fleet of Boeing 737s.

“Some flights are experiencing an issue with a software application,” American Airlines tweeted at passengers. “For some, they’ve returned to the gate for Wi-Fi to fix.”

FlightAware was quick to point out any delays that were occurring from the airline. The problem was fixed and the planes were sent on their way.

Technology might speed up much of our lives, but sometimes glitches lead to delays and those delays only add to customers who are generally already frustrated with airline carriers.


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