iPad Art: Morgan Freeman Finger Painting Goes Viral

You won’t believe your eyes after watching the latest viral video by British artist Kyle Lambert. Lambert, 26, recreated a Scott Gries photograph of Oscar-winner Morgan Freeman to uber-realistic perfection, with the help of an iPad and his finger.

The university-trained artist is known for taking inspiration from Hollywood. Additionally, Kyle has used his artistic inclinations to pay tribute to Beyonce, Rihanna and Jennifer Aniston. The idea of a Morgan Freeman painting was sparked after watching one of his films.

“I think I must have been watching the movie Oblivion when the idea of Morgan Freeman came to mind.”

Such works can be laborious, with the artist spending an entire workday on certain sections.

“I get very involved in my process so I spend a lot of time each day on the painting. I was spending 9-10 hours some days if a certain area I was working on was complicated.”

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