Intruder Arrested at Tom Cruise’s Beverly Hills Home

Tom Cruise’s neighbor has been arrested for allegedly trespassing at the actor’s Beverly Hills mansion.

The 41-year-old man was spotted by Tom’s security team jumping a fence to get into the property at approximately 9.30 p.m. on Sunday night. He was then stopped with a taser by an on-duty security officer who had seen the incident.

He was detained and taken to a local hospital after sustaining the effects of the stun gun.

The prowler was later identified as Tom’s neighbor, who seemingly entered the star’s property in a drunken stupor. Beverly Hills Police have charged the man with trespassing.

The Cruise home was empty at the time of the incident. But the celebrity property intrusion comes shortly after a man armed with a pair of scissors trespassed on singer and actress’ Miley Cyrus’ Los Angeles home.

In August, rapper-actor LL Cool J turned into a fist-wielding hero when a burglary suspect broke into his Studio City home in the middle of the night and was suffered serious injuries in an all0-out brawl with the star.

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