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Interview with Sexy Instagram Fitness Model Gia Macool



We got a chance to reach out to fitness instagram model Gia Macool. Whom has almost 200,000 followers !

Here is what she had to say….

What movie scared you the most as a kid?
???? Wasn’t allowed to watch scary movies
What’s the first song you knew all the words to?
???? Little Mermaid, “look at this stuff.”
Favorite sports team & why?
???? Miami Heat, just because.
How important is fitness in your life?
???? It’s always been one of my priorities before modeling and after modeling.
First thing you do when you wake up?
????   Get coffee
Which of your instagram pics has gotten the most attention? why do you think it’s the most  popular?
???? Not concerned with attention from social media. I put out what I like. If they don’t like it then that’s fine. I only post what I believe will help motivate.
What is your year and 2 year goals?
???? My goals I’ve accomplished. I want to continue to get better at what I’m already doing.
Please tell us anything else you would like to share with our popcrunch audience.
???? My presence on social media isn’t to grab attention to men. In fact that’s what I hate most about social media. Real women don’t like nor do we want that type of attention. I’m not here to become famous I could care less about that. What’s real and is a women who is hardworking, genuine and looking to help other people find there passion in a positive way. An outlet to what’s bad in the world and a way to turn all the negative into positive ways to look at life. I didn’t come from a privileged lifestyle. I’m not living a lap of luxury and I’m certainly not given everything I’ve achieved. I’ve worked hard and taken all the hate I’ve received and used it to fuel my journey to a happier, healthier lifestyle.

You can find her at @giamacool








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