Interview with Sexy Cuban Dayami Padron

We had our fingers crossed on being able to to interview Cuban Dayami Padron . As we are huge fans with the other 343,000 Instagram followers she has! She answered some fun questions including what she wore on Valentine’s Day . Check it out.

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How long have you been modeling? 
 I been modeling in Spanish market since 2008 and in American market  for 3 years now!!!
Please tell us a little bit about yourself…
I’m originally from Cuba . I moved to The U.S.  in 2006 trying to follow my dreams to become a famous actress .. I am a humble, happy person. I love my family , I love the ocean and the nature ,I still believe that the most beautiful thing in a woman is her values and dignity … I’m a dreamer that works hard to make my dreams come true ,with a big heart !!
We found you via Instagram. How important is IG to your daily life?
?? I think that social media is very important in these days because  you can show to the world  who you really are ,it’s a way to become famous without paying any money. It’s  way to meet people around the world, a way to know more about different cultures, learn about fashion etc…Instagram is very important to me because is where I can be interactive with my fans , it’s where they can see more about me, it’s another way where new clients can book me to work. I can see people who believe in me and that support my career. Also it’s a way to promote my business. And lastly  I love sharing my life photos with the world lol
Most favorite dish to cook?
I love meat and to cook Italian food
How was your Valentines day? Did you have someone to spend the day with? Do you have a sexy outfit picked out?
Yes. I had plans for valentines day and someone to spend it with.  and of course I bought a sexy black and red outfit for that night !! Lol
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 What is your favorite IG pic?
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Most popular pic?
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What movie scared you the most as a kid?
What’s the first song you knew all the words to?
Laura Pausini (escucha tu corazon)
Favorite sports team & why?
Miami heat because I live in Miami , I need to support my city
How important is fitness in your life? 
Fitness is important in my life because my image is 50% of my work so I need to have a great and healthy body !!!
First thing you do when you wake up?
Thank God for another beautiful day , listen to a romantic music while I cook my breakfast and if I don’t have nothing to do go to beach and relax !!
What is your one year and 2 year goals?
My goals is to become the first Cuban actress in Hollywood and help Children less fortunate.
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