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Interview with Incredibly Sexy and Exotic Katherine Castro


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Welcome to PopCrunch Katherine Castro!

You are incredibly sexy and exotic Katherine – where are you from?

Oh thank you! I think sexiness, like beauty, lies in the eyes of the beholder, but it’s also something that comes from the inside. Being comfortable under your skin, and daring to be yourself and not trying to fit the cookie cutter, is sexy. Originally I am from the Dominican Republic, but I am an American citizen now.

Congratulations on your Hollywood FAME Award in November – can you tell us a bit about that to kick us off?

Thank you! Last year was most certainly a year of many surprises and stepping stones both in my personal and professional life. Hollywood F.A.M.E. Awards was one of the biggest highlights. I was surprised when I received the news from my producing partner, Liz Rodriguez, that I had been selected as ‘2014 Breakthrough International Actor’. My career has always been my passion. I do what I love, and I have a lot of fun along the way, without expectations other than to continue to do what I love, but when you have someone appreciate what you do, that’s the cherry on top! I’m very grateful to Al Bowman and the organizers of the F.A.M.E Awards for the honor and their incredible support.

You have played a variety of characters so far in your career from a stripper to an assassin. Can you tell us about how you got your sexy on in El Gallo directed by bad boy Juan Fernández?

I was so lucky to be able to work with a man who’s not only talented beyond words but also a loving friend. For his film El Gallo, we worked very closely for my character. We created La Veterana together. Juan Fernandez is a man that has lived his life to the fullest and has worked with some of the best directors in the world, so just sitting with him and talking hours and hours of his life and the things he saw as a model and an actor. Seeing him recreate everything, his movements, gave me a good insight of what he saw this character to be. We then discussed the internal life of La Veterana and finally, seeing the real life veteranas in my country was very eye opening. I went to the extent to approach people in character while security and crew were petrified fearing for my life. It was hilarious to see their faces. That being said I got my sexy on by simply being daring, uninhibited. Completely carefree. Things that I would never even imagine to do, La Veterana did that and more. For a woman is very empowering to take full command of your life, no matter the risks. La Veterana is the embodiment of that.

Was it difficult to transform into a female sniper assassin in The Social Contract?

It wasn’t so difficult in the sense that I had a lot of factors that worked in my favor. I grew up in a military family, in fact, my dad and my brothers are all military – all Air Force pilots. I did a few military drills when I was a kid, with my older brother. That, for me, was always fun. My father was the Chief of the Secret Service. So these little details which I took with me helped a great deal when working on the internal world of my character, adding my training in capoeira, the Brazilian martial arts, for the physicality and fluidity of the movements. I was also very lucky to have two cast members that were experts in their fields. Our Fight Choreographer David C. Hernández, who also plays SETH, has a background in Kung Fu, kickboxing, MMA and Filipino martial arts and Lex Zellner our CABLE GUY, worked in the intelligence and special operations for a private military company that trained Iraqi police and Special Ops teams, conducting kill or capture raids, surveillance and other intelligence gathering operations. David was great and combining both Lex’s and my background training to keep our movements fluid and natural. There was definitely a lot of sweat and sore muscles involved but we kept working on the movements and adding to them up until to the day of shooting. The day we filmed it was the most challenging since we were doing our own stunts so we had to repeat the fight for all the angles, but it felt great!

You’re one of the producers for the film. How does it feel going from starting out as an actress to being a producer?

It’s very empowering and something I would highly suggest to all actors to try at least once. You learn so much from the business side. It a whole other world, and begin to have a better understanding why certain people are cast, the sales, distribution, the benefits of filming in a certain place, rather than others, etc. It’s definitely not glamorous and most definitely not sexy, but it’s also the reason why I’ve met some of the biggest power players in the industry, and you see things from another perspective, which I think serves me highly on the actress side. It definitely gives you an edge, and I love that!

What other projects are you working on?

We are currently developing The Maven, a fast paced political thriller in the veins of Bourne and Salt. We have an amazing team that has come on board to make this possible.

I have two other projects that are still at script stage, one that tackles domestic violence and feminicide, which is something very close to my heart, and another based on a web series of a very gifted writer/director friend of mine. We had talked about working together for some time. I’m a fan of his work so I approached him about his series but doing it as a feature set in modern day Dominican Republic. I don’t want to say too much, but this one is also something close to my heart.

Moving swiftly on – do you have a special guy in your life right now? Do our readers have a shot with you?

I don’t kiss and tell. My mom taught me better :)

What attracts you to a guy?

It depends on the guy, there can be different that can attract you from different guys, but overall things that stand out to me are sense of humor. Someone that makes me laugh is always a big element. Confidence, kindness and cooking are a huge plus. A man that cooks I find it incredibly sexy!

What would be your perfect date? So PopCrunch can plan ahead! 

Surprise me!

 How can your new fans keep up with you?

Through my fan page on Facebook www.facebook.com/officialKatherineCastro

Twitter: @KatCastroo and Instagram @KatCastroo

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