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Interview with fitness model Qimmah Russo


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Qimmah Russo is our Popcrunch girl of the month! She is just incredible . However, we aren’t the only one that knows that. Her 464,000 instagram followers are also very well aware. If you check out her IG @qimmahrusso college basketball player, a fitness junkie (CEO  of Q-flexfitness) and extremely photogenic. Take a read at her interview below and tell us what you think of her instagram by sharing this article .

How long have your been modeling?

Since I was 11yrs old

Instagram and Facebook seem to think that nudity can still shock people? What do you think?

I think the more people see the same thing the more they stop noticing, they just become numb to it.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself…

I am a full time student & college basketball player. I am the CEO  of Q-flexfitness which you can find my workout and meal plans at Q-flexfitness.com. I am very close with my family. I have a few of the most loving kitties in the world. I luv scary movies and great music and joking around. I am a hopeless romantic and luv to do things spontaneously. I have a healthy BIG appetite and I don’t drink or smoke. I am an extremely hard worker and I am very dedicated to helping others be fit!

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We found you via Instagram. How important is IG to your daily life?

It’s definitely the medium I use to connect with the world the most. Its awesome!

Most favorite dish to cook?

sauteed organic free range chicken and organic minced red onion with organic portobello mushrooms over organic tortilla hmmm yummy.

Did you have plans for valentines day? Did you have someone to spend the day with? Do you have a sexy outfit picked out? including lingerie?


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 What is your favorite IG pic?

Me with the two weights, that’s where it all started and its the most popular pic.

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What movie scared you the most as a kid?


What’s the first song you knew all the words to?

whitney houston “Greatest love of all”

Favorite sports team & why?

Golden State Warriors, I really look up to Stephen Curry

How important is fitness in your life?

Fitness ranks up very high in my book. Its the vehicle and tool I use to help people who want to be healthy and fit.

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First thing you do when you wake up?

Play with my kitties and check the time to see if I can hit snooze and sleep for a lil while longer haha

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What is your year and 2 year goals?

I don’t live my life that way. Everything I am experiencing is all new to me and I take each day as it comes. I am always open to embracing new opportunities and they keep comin. I luv my life in every way and my intention is to live without missing a beat and I do that by staying in the present moment. Right now is just as great as whats to come, Im truly enjoying this whole journey.

Thank you for this interview!


IG: @QIMMAHRUSSO/ Twitter: QFlex_4life /FB: QIMMAH RUSSO /Snapchat: Qimmah Russo/Tumblr: Qimmah Russo  /Vine: Qimmah Russo/My website: Q-FLEXFITNESS.COM  /

My Email: La-shmexy@q-flexfitness.com

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