Inmate Takes Photos Of Paris Hilton’s Underwear With Intimately Concealed Camera Phone

A California State inmate is soon promising pictures of Paris Hilton’s underwear to the highest bidder.

A couple of inmates at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Downtown L.A tell the New York press a fellow inmate, brought into the facility with The Parasite on Friday night, snuck a cellphone into the jail hidden in her vagina -and was able to take two shots of Hilton.

“She was bragging about it on the bus,” says Oren Kattan, 29. “She put a cell phone in her [privates], and she got a picture of her.”

The woman is in custody on a drug charge and is certain: “she was going to get a million dollars for it.” One shot features Paris in her blue prison issued uniform and the other in just her underwear – which had “Bitch” written across them, Oren says.

“Everybody’s talking about it around the unit,” Oren continues.

The shutterbug on lockdown was eventually caught and the phone was confiscated-but not before she was able to send the flicks out to a friend.


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